Best Indoor Date Ideas Singapore – Popular Activities For Couples!

Looking for the best indoor date ideas in Singapore? Whether you are working on your creative juices for dating and looking for ideas for your first date, or simply to bring your date out for a good time, here are some of the best and most popular indoor places and activities for couples in Singapore. Don’t complain dating in Singapore is boring again with these indoor date ideas – they work even if it is raining! Check out this list right below right away!

Ice skating is a good romantic dating activity to take part in with your partner

ice skating
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Want a cheesy Korean drama style kind of date ideas? Then maybe you should go and spend the day ice skating!

There are not many cheap or free activities in Singapore where you can enact out such romantic moments with your partner other than ice skating. While there are not many rinks left in Singapore, one such example would be the place at Jcube (unfortunately this one closed down).

For greatest impact to make this a romantic date, double confirm that at least one of you – especially the guy, knows how to skate and the other is going to learn! This way, it will be more ‘movie’ like together with a guide and a student looking to learn.

An education and fun date at the Singapore Science Centre can be great for couples


This place is always popular with adults and couples too of many different ages, and hence bringing your date here can be a great way to spend some time indoors and away from the outdoor elements of the weather. Because of the constantly updated exhibitions and events within the main centre, you will be intrigued by the activities within as long as you do not visit there more than once every quarter or half a year!

Do better be sure to check their opening hours before heading down.

Book a room at a local Singapore hotel for a staycation


Want to truly have an indoor date place? Then you can have a staycation at one of the local Singapore hotels! There are tons of these boutique as well as luxury hotels around SG island, and they give out discounts sometimes. Additionally, when you make a booking for a room, you will often get to enjoy several hotel amenities too. For example, if you get one at Marina Bay Sands, you get to take pictures at the infinity pool among others!

You can opt to get one at a four or three star hotel instead if you are feeling more budget conscious while still having a fun time and experience! Try to avoid two stars, as they are usually just pure budget ones.

Go ten pin bowling at one of the bowling alleys in SG



There are lots of bowling alleys all throughout SG city, and many are actually situated in neighbourhood locations too. This means that both you and your partner need not travel overly far or to another end of Singapore just to play bowling games! A great indoor sport activity as one your potential date ideas for indoor activities, as it’s like one of the few sports activity which allows you to still get air conditioning and also have lots of interaction time with each other without worrying about being out of breath! Try bringing your date to a bowling alley in Singapore. Definitely something that you might want to consider!

Going to the movies is a great idea if you and your date has a movie in common that both have been wanting to watch!


While going to watch movies are not usually the most recommended for first dates as it removes a good part of potential social interaction time with each other when watching, it can be a great subsequent idea if both you and your love partner have a movie that both you and also your bae have been wanting to watch!

Here are also some other ways to have lots of fun on your next outing! As you can tell, there are so many ways to enjoy yourself even in a small country such as Singapore!

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